When to Sell? An Overview of the Seasons

Should you sell your property in spring, summer, autumn or winter, and does it even matter? While your course of action should mainly depend on your personal or business circumstances (When do you need to sell? Can you afford to wait for months?), there are some practical and aesthetic aspects of the real estate market that you should take notice of.

winter-homeIf your property is located in a climate that suffers from harsh winters, offering it to the potential buyers in the middle of winter could reduce its chances of selling. First of all, the buyers might be less keen to take a trip to your property in a weather that might get them stranded somewhere on the road. Secondly, does your property look its best in these weather conditions? A small cottage in the country might look charming covered in snow (so that’s a bonus), but a beach house will look better bathed in the sun.

summer-homeThe similar logic can be applied to summer as well – extreme heats can be off putting, and a dry landscape might detract from the attractiveness of the property. However, this might also feature some exceptions, just like in the winter example.

So, does this mean that spring and autumn are the ideal seasons for the real estate market? Some argue yes, but there is no definite proof to confirm this. Those in favour of sales in spring or autumn place value in moderate weather, green colours of the spring or colourful leaves of an autumn.

The problem arises if everyone starts thinking the same way. What if the market becomes swamped with sale offers at the same time? The strong competition will likely lower the prices. So, in the end, there is no magic recipe that will tell you just when to sell.

The best course of action would be to observe the community. In the small town centred on a university, the top time to sell could be a month before the first semester begins. A property set in a good location within a large city will probably have great prospects whole year round. In the end, the best thing you can do is: keep your eyes on the community and the market, and you won’t do wrong!