3 Inexpensive Home Staging Tips

If you’re about to put your home on the market, naturally you want to do everything in your power to make it sell for the best price possible. Here are three simple and inexpensive tips that can help your home look its best.


1. Declutter. Prospective home buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home. They can’t do that if your personal junk is everywhere! Declutter by removing all those stacks of books and paperwork, piles of clothes, and storage boxes. Not only will your home look tidier, it will also look more spacious. Remember, on a home tour people will look in the closets, so you definitely can’t shove things in there as a shortcut to tidying up.

2. Use Natural Light. People are naturally attracted to bright, airy spaces. Open up your blinds all the way to let in some sun. If you don’t want to advertise your home’s mediocre view, use sheer panels to brighten the room without drawing attention to the view.

3. Clean! Clean your house, and then clean it again. Also make sure your yard is tidy. You want potential buyers to see that your home has been well-maintained and will literally be a clean slate for them to build a life in. Continue cleaning every week until the house sells.

Just following these three tips will definitely give you an edge in the housing market. If you want, you can supplement your efforts by adding welcoming touches like fresh flowers or seasonal décor, but those should just be icing on the cake after these three core tasks.